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Sixth Form

About our Sixth Form academy


West Coventry Academy Sixth Form is proud to offer a diverse range of both academic and applied courses to suit the needs of all learners. Our timetable allows you to choose a combination that will meet your needs in terms of your academic interests, strengths, and future career plans.

We have extended our curriculum to offer a much wider range of accredited vocational courses. They offer an alternative route into employment or Higher Education. Accommodation has been upgraded and we now have a distinct Post 16 study area which is well resourced in order to help students make the most of their independent study time.

This provides a learning environment that will allow you to achieve your potential and maximise your opportunities when you come to move on from Sixth Form. Students are also now supported with 3 distinct Post 16 study and ICT areas on each site which are highly resourced and staffed in order to help students make the most of their independent study time.

Some subjects will be familiar from your GCSEs and build on your existing knowledge whilst some will be totally new and appeal to those of you keen to study a different subject or pursue a particular interest in that area.There are many subjects like Business which do not require you to have studied them before at GCSE whilst others like Maths may demand a specific level of prior understanding and achievement at GCSE. Our full entrance criteria and subject specific advice and guidance are provided in the book that accompanies this prospectus.

We will also expect to receive an excellent reference from your school showing your positive approach to learning, behaviour and attendance.

Whatever combination of subjects you choose you can be assured that you will be taught by experienced and enthusiastic staff who want to share your success.They will provide a learning environment that should encourage but challenge you to achieve your potential.We are all keen to maximise your own success and that of the entire WCASF.

Please click HERE for our subject information booklet.