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Yr 11 Mock Interviews November 2021

All students had the experience of attending a mock interview, where they had prepared and answered generic questions, which could be asked in a real-life situation. Volunteers from a variety of professional backgrounds conducted the interviews and were hugely impressed by our students. They all said they would gladly offer their services again, as the students had all given their best and were so interesting showing their personality and wide interests. Each student received both verbal and written Feedback to help them move forward and to reflect on how well they had done & where they could improve. All students should be justly proud of themselves – Well Done!

Some of the comments included –

  • ‘An absolute joy!’

  • ‘Very focussed & has a definite career pathway’

  • ‘displayed a great deal of preparation & self-awareness’

  • ‘demonstrated a high level of maturity & clarity; one of the best candidates I have ever interviewed!’

  • ‘Excellent Interview technique; clearly tried and applied maximum effort!’

LMI Coventry & Warwickshire
Parent/Student Guide Autumn 2020
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Useful Careers Websites –  West Coventry subscribe to this and you need the following access code to use this – Access Code: Please refer to school - Year Teams, Careers office, Year Office, SID, Library and Career subject noticeboards for code - Useful Careers website with Job Profiles, Useful Tips on Interviews, CVs & Cover Letters etc

WELCOME TO THE CAREEROMETER – the tool that lets you compare the average wages and working hours of up to three jobs in England.

How to use
Simply type in the first career that you think you might be interested in and select from the drop down list, then add your second and third choices to see the comparison from a range of careers across different industry sectors such as engineering and the Public Services.