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Learning at West Coventry Academy

Key Exams Info

Students, teachers and parents work together at West Coventry Academy to ensure all our students get the best possible exam results at every Key Stage so they can go on to pursue their dreams and ambitions as well-rounded young men and women.

Information for Candidates

It is important that you are prepared for your exams and understand the rules and regulations.  The following video gives a good overview of the main things you should know for official examinations. Below the video is the official information for candidates section. If you do not understand anything, please ask one of your teachers.



If you have any worries or questions on your results, it is best to speak to someone on results day or to contact the school as soon as possible. However, if you are considering you may wish to appeal our appeals policy can be read below:

    Collecting Your Exam Certificates

    It is important you collect your certificates, as these are proof of your qualifications that further education or workplaces may ask to see. These are usually available from November in the year you sat your exams. See our full policy for more information: