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Qualification: GCSE          Exam Board: AQA

Is GCSE Sociology for you?

Have you ever wondered why some people are rich and others are not? Or why some people commit crime and others are law abiding? If so, then Sociology may be the subject for you!

Sociology helps you develop a wide range of knowledge and understanding about society, and how sociologists study and understand its structures, processes and issues. Sociology is exciting, interesting and relevant to your life. The role of the Sociologists is to try to make sense of the human world. Sociology is the study of society and by studying this course you will look at the issues that contribute to the diverse and exciting world we live in.

What will you study?

  1. Sociological approaches
  2. Social structures, social processes and social issues
  3. Families
  4. Education
  5. Crime and deviance
  6. Social stratification
  7. Sociological research methods

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Assessment Details:

100% examination. You will sit two exam papers at the end of Year 11on the topics above. Both exams have a mixture of multiple choice questions along with a range of extended answer questions. Each exam paper is worth 50% of your overall grade.

Possible Career Options:

  • Social Worker
  • Family Support Officer
  • Youth Worker
  • Probation Officer
  • Social Researcher
  • Community Development Officer
  • Youth Worker
  • Teacher
  • Police

Further Education:

  • A-levels in Sociology or other Social Sciences