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Learning at West Coventry Academy

Health & Social Care


Qualification: Level 1 / Level 2 Tech Award in Health and Social Care     Exam Board: Pearson

Is BTEC Health & Social Care for you?

This qualification is equal to one GCSE and is based on the theory and practical aspects of working with a wide range of people who need professional care; for example the very young, the disabled, the old and short term care for specific groups.

 The course explores the types of provision available for people needing care and the types of employment available.

You will be taking a lot of personal responsibility for your project work and you will be expected to work to deadlines.

You will also take part in a range of Health related experiences, such as a trip to a Care Provider and an Early Years setting.

What Will You Do?


Unit 1- Human Lifespan Development (coursework)
Unit 2 – Health and Social Care Service and Values (coursework)
Unit 3 – Health & Wellbeing (controlled coursework, externally marked by the exam board)

This is a practical course where you will interact with professionals in the field and undertake visits to service providers.

You will gain an understanding of human lifespan development and an appreciation of the importance of health and social care values. You will also gain skills to be able to assess a person’s health and well- being and be able to suggest ways to improve it based on case studies. 

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Assessment Details:

You will produce 2 pieces of coursework that is marked by your class teacher and one supervised piece of coursework that is marked externally by the exam board.

You will be given class time and homework time to work on your portfolios.

Possible Career Options:

  • Health: Nursing, Midwife, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy
  • Early Years: Nursery Nurse, Nursery Teacher, Play worker, Teaching Assistant  
  • Social Care: Social worker, Youth Worker, Care Assistant
  • Any aspect of social work with any age group

Further Education:

  • BTEC Level 3
  • Apprenticeships