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Learning at West Coventry Academy

Food Prep & Nutrition


Qualification:GCSE          Exam Board: WJEC

Is this course for you?

Are you interested in nutrition and health and current food issues?

Are you creative in the kitchen and keen to develop your skills in food preparation/presentation?

Are interested in experimenting with ingredients to find out about their properties?

Do you enjoy lessons with food demonstrations and practical work?

What Will You Do?

This course will develop your understanding of nutrition, where foods come from and the working characteristics of ingredients.

You will learn about British and International cuisines, food commodities and food safety.

The focus of this qualification is developing practical cookery skills and a strong understanding of nutrition.

Practical work will be based on skills and techniques such as preparation of fruits and vegetables, knife skills- including filleting chicken and fish, making sauces, making doughs – pastry, bread, choux pastry and fresh pasta. You will also learn about presentation and food styling techniques.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Assessment Details:

Coursework – Examination 50% and two Non- examination assessment (NEA)

Assessment 1 (15%) Food Investigation Assessment
Assessment 2 (35%) Food preparation Assessment

Both assessment are completed in Year 11

Assessment 1 Examples of tasks

  1. Investigate the use o raising agents in baked products
  2. Investigate what type of flour is best for bread making
  3. Investigate the ingredients used to thicken sauces

Assessment 2 Examples of tasks (to showcase your practical skills)

  1. Plan, prepare, cook and present three dishes which could be served on a themed menu to promote the cuisine of a specific country
  2. Research, plan and cook three dishes that could be served on an open day menu to encourage pupils to eat in the school canteen.

Theory – 1 hour 45 minutes exam worth 50%

Possible Career Options:

  • Food product development
  • Teaching
  • Product Designer or Market Researcher for a major food retailer  
  • Food Technologist
  • Dietician
  • Environmental Health Officer
  • Food journalist

Further Education:

  • Level 3 Food Science and Nutrition
  • Catering college
  • University degree