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Learning at West Coventry Academy


Qualification: GCSE          Exam Board: AQA

Is GCSE Engineering for you?

Engineering is an increasingly innovative and exciting area to work in. It affects every aspect of modern life – from skyscrapers to smart phones, cars to carrier bags.

Students must demonstrate a good level of mathematical knowledge in order to understand engineering principles.

Computer Aided Design is used extensively in Engineering to produce drawings for design and manufacture. Students will need to develop competence in the use of programs like 2D Design and Solidworks.

What will you study?

  1. Materials and their properties
  2. Material cost and supply
  3. Factors influencing design of solutions
  4. Engineering manufacturing processes
  5. Material removal
  6. Shaping
  7. Casting and molding
  8. Mechanical, electronic and electrical systems.
  9. Impact of modern technologies
  10. Practical Engineering skills

Assessment Details:

Written exam - 2 hours 60% of GCSE
Non-exam assessment - 40% of GCSE

This course counts as one of your option choices.

Possible Career Options:

  • Aerospace
  • Environmental worker
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Software Engineer
  • Marketing
  • Designer
  • Teacher
  • Engineer

Further Education:

  • A-level in Engineering at KS5
  • Degree in Engineering