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Joining the School

About joining West Coventry Academy

Supporting your child

We believe that supporting your child prior to and during their first year at secondary school is essential to their smooth transition into life at West Coventry Academy.  Once you have selected us you will be invited to a range of events to give you and your child a number of opportunities to get to know the school and how it works, meet the teachers and, spend some time with their peers.

You will also meet the key staff who will help support your child throughout their first year here.  These include the Progress Leader and the Pastoral Leader (a non-teaching member of staff), as well as their tutor.

Each child will be contacted in the summer term.  We also work closely with your child’s primary school to ensure we have as much information about their individual needs as possible.

There are also some practical ways you can help and support your child at this important time:

  • Communicate with us if you are concerned; direct contact details for the people who can help will be provided
  • Offer support with homework, including making sure they have a quiet place to work
  • Help them check their timetable and pack their bag for the next day
  • Help them organise their equipment
  • Help us to try and encourage them to become more independent
  • Supporting us implementing our behaviour and uniform policy