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Joining the School

About joining West Coventry Academy

Admissions and Appeals

West Coventry Academy is an inclusive school welcoming children from all the communities across the west of Coventry.

The Governors are committed to ensuring that the admissions to West Coventry Academy reflect the full range of ability.

Admissions to West Coventry Academy are co-ordinated through Coventry Local Authority’s Co-ordinated Scheme.  Applications should be submitted to the Local Authority on the Common Application Form as per their timetable. Details can be found through the council’s website by following this link

WCA Admissions Policy January 2021-2022
 Download (239kb)

WCA Admissions Policy September 2022-2023
 Download (236kb)

WCA Admissions Policy September 2023-2024
 Download (231kb)

WCA Sixth Form Admissions Policy September 2023-2024
 Download (225kb)

WCA Admissions and Appeals 2021
 Download (527kb)

WCA Admissions and Appeals 2022
 Download (339kb)

Coventry Secondary Co-ordinated Admission Scheme 2020
 Download (560kb)

Coventry Secondary Coordinated Admissions Scheme 2021
 Download (136kb)

Coventry Secondary Coordinated Admissions Scheme 2022
 Download (149kb)

School Appeals

Further information, including details of "In-Year Transfer Appeals" may be obtained on the Council's website by clicking here.