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About West Coventry Academy

School Aims & Ethos - The 4Rs

The 4Rs are central to the ethos of West Coventry Academy. They enable us to develop a common language and set of expectations across the school community.

The 4 Rs involve being

  • Respectful

  • Responsible

  • Resilient

  • Ready to Learn

In practice, this means that we expect students, staff, parents and governors to model these core values.


Student Expectations


  • Students show respect for themselves, their peers, staff and the community.
  • Communicate with others in a calm and respectful manner
  • Listen and respect other people’s views
  • Have respect for the school site and learning environment
  • Have a healthy, active and proactive lifestyle, with self-respect and self-discipline
  • Recognition that respect for effort brings reward


  • Students are responsible for their own behaviour and their consequences.
  • Students are responsible for their own learning
  • Students are responsible for wearing the correct uniform, bringing the correct books and equipment to school.
  • Students are responsible to complete their work (including homework)
  • Students are responsible to attend/complete any sanctions issued due to inappropriate behaviour or missed work.
  • Students are responsible to report any inappropriate behaviour to an appropriate adult


  • Students become more resilient when they realise that it is important to make mistakes and learn from them
  • When finding work difficult, students should not just give up
    • Re-read the work, look at previous work, have another go!
    • Only ask for help when the above has been done
  • Have high expectations of yourself
  • Learn from experiences, in order to become stronger and better at tackling the next challenge

Ready to Learn

  • Students attend school in correct uniform, on time and with the correct equipment books
  • Be punctual for all lessons, enter rooms calmly, take out equipment and start the Do Now in silence
  • Make sure all home and prior learning tasks have been completed
  • Have the right attitude to learn and actively engage in lessons

Staff Expectations


  • Staff model respectful behaviour to promote a culture of mutual respect
  • Communicate with others in a calm and respectful manner
  • Feedback on work respectfully, showing students that their work and effort has been valued.
  • Show respect through being fair and consistent when dealing with students
  • Promote that respect for effort brings reward


  • Staff are responsible for creating a positive and calm learning environment
  • Teachers are responsible for delivering well planned and meaningful learning experiences
  • Teachers understand the responsibility of their role as a tutor
  • Staff understand the responsibility of working in a school
  • Staff are responsible for modelling expectations
  • Staff are responsible for challenging poor behaviour and uphold school policies consistently.


  • Support the whole school community to build resilience
  • Identify vulnerable students that may have barriers to learning, support them in reducing barriers and equip them with the skills to build their resilience
  • Praise student’s efforts
  • Teach students that we learn from make mistakes
  • Be open and flexible to new initiatives
  • Develop a Growth Mindset

Ready to Learn

  • Ensure lessons are well planned and have impact for all students
  • Ensure you are punctual to lessons and greet the students in a positive way
  • Ensure school rules are applied consistently and fairly
  • Listen to student concerns and help students overcome barriers to learning
  • Empower students to become independent learners

Parent Expectations


  • Promote respectful behaviour within their families
  • Communicate with the school in a calm and respectful manner
  • Respect that all school decisions they are made with best interests of the students
  • Respect the school rules and explain to their child the importance of them
  • Respect the importance of education and teach their child the value of it
  • Promote that respect for effort brings reward


  • Parents are responsible for their child’s attendance and behaviour
  • Parents are responsible to ensure their child is kept safe and well.
  • Parents are responsible to ensure their child has the correct uniform and equipment.
  • Parents are responsible for communicating with the school to flag any issues that may affect their child’s learning.
  • Parents are responsible challenge poor behaviour and celebrate success


  • Build up their child’s resilience through supporting them emotionally and helping them to show determination in the face of adversity
  • Promote the importance of “Learning from mistakes”
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude about education and their child
  • Praise their child’s efforts and not just their academic achievements

Ready to Learn

  • Ensure their child attends school on time, in the correct uniform and with the right books/equipment
  • Support their child with their learning
  • Develop a partnership with the school
  • Keep track of their child’s homework and behaviour by accessing classcharts regularly
  • Encourage their child to read and to become an independent learner

Files to Download

WCA Behaviour For Learning Framework
  Download (613kb)

WCA Behaviour For Learning Policy
  Download (626kb)

4Rs Student Expectations
  Download (342kb)

4Rs Staff Expectations
  Download (338kb)

4Rs Governor Expectations
  Download (335kb)

4Rs Parent Expectations
  Download (338kb)

Students and the 4Rs
  Download (276kb)

Staged Approach to Behaviour
  Download (146kb)

Consequence Points
  Download (365kb)

Recognising Rewards
  Download (431kb)