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Sixth Form

About our Sixth Form academy

Sixth Form Assembly

Some of our Sixth Formers fronted an assembly on Tuesday 1/5/18 to help prepare and inspire our Year 10’s. We wanted to enable students to make informed decisions about what they do at the end of Year 11. As early as November this year students will start making decisions about what they will move onto. Mr Griffin, Learning Manager for Post 16, talked about the ethos and requirements then we had some testimonials from some of our sixth form students.

Charlotte P spoke fondly about enjoying every day and some of the amazing support and the fun trips such as Garda.

Nathanael H spoke about the step up in work and the positive relationships and staff support to help.

Janeece H told about how she has been involved with so many enrichment activities she doesn’t have enough space on her CV to include them all.

Finally Megan H talked about the friendships, being part of the school show and a member of the Charities team that have raised over £3600 this term alone.