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Sixth Form

About our Sixth Form academy

Sixth Form Admissions



1. Admissions Numbers

I. All students in Year 11 at West Coventry Academy and The Westwood Academy who meet the entrance criteria, are suitable for the courses applied for based upon individual entrance criteria and demonstrate commitment to their academic work are entitled to a place in the West Coventry Sixth Form.

II. The West Coventry Sixth Form provides for a maximum of 190 students in Year 12. This includes external candidates.  The minimum number of external applicants likely to be admitted is 5. The upper limit of Year 12 external applicants will be based, not on total Year 12 numbers projected for the following academic year, but on the projected number and size of the teaching groups. Taking into account choices for AS Level study, applications will be refused where the school considers the size of teaching sets to be detrimental to the education of the group and where it is not financially or educationally desirable for the Governors to alter the balance of the school’s staffing or to appoint additional staff.

2. Admissions Arrangements

i. The West Coventry Sixth Form encourages applications from students currently at any of the two home schools (West Coventry Academy and Westwood) as well as students from other institutions.

ii. All applicants must complete the application form (available on the West Coventry Academy website or from the Sixth Form administrator) and send this to one of the Sixth Form Administrators by the end of February 2019.

iii. All information relating to applications is contained within the Sixth Form prospectus and the Subject Information Booklet, copies of which can be obtained by contacting the sixth form administrator. 

iv. A Sixth Form Open Evening is held annually (in November) and all potential applicants are encouraged to attend.  Attendance is recommended but not compulsory. External candidates are invited to attend.

v. Internal applicants will receive guidance from school and careers staff prior to completing their application.

External candidates will be invited to a specific information and guidance session to meet with a member of staff after receipt of their application. We may hold individual meetings to discuss academic entry requirements and options available but these discussions will not from part of any decision making criteria. It remains the responsibility of the external candidate to prove they have GCSEs or provide proof of equivalent qualifications.

vi. The schools’ aims to inform applicants (both internal and external) whether or not they have been successful in their application by the Easter break.

vii. For successful external applicants, a formal acceptance of the offer will be required by the date indicated in the offer letter. Should a student fail to accept the offer by this date the school reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a place in the sixth form.  Any withdrawal of offer will follow the requirements of the admissions code and will be given in writing and a period of appeal will be allowed before the offer is formally withdrawn.

viii. All applicants who have been offered a place must attend the Sixth Form Transition events (in late June / early July) and sign up for courses on either of the two enrolment days (GCSE examination results day and the day after). Should a student fail to do so the school reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a place in the Sixth Form or at least the place on a particular course. Any withdrawal of offer will follow the requirements of the admissions code and will be given in writing and a period of appeal will be allowed before the offer is formally withdrawn.

Students are required to attend the Sixth Form Induction Day at the start of the first half term of teaching.

3. Admission Requirements

i. Admission to particular courses will depend upon availability of places and a student’s prior attainment at GCSE. References will be taken up for external candidates.

ii. Our policy is to ensure that students accepted into the sixth form can be placed in appropriate courses where they are likely to succeed. For this reason the following entry criteria apply to the courses offered. Both internal and external pupils wishing to enter the sixth form will be expected to have met the same minimum academic entry requirements for the sixth form. For all schools within the West Coventry Sixth Form this is a minimum of 3 GCSE grade A*- C and grade 4 in English and Maths (subject to review following government guidance).

There are also a number of subject specific criteria; generally a minimum of a grade B or grade 5 at GCSE in the chosen course is recommended, but there are also essential grade requirements for some courses. The subject specific criteria will be published in the Subject Information Booklet and updated annually.

Students who have not achieved a grade 4 at GCSE in English Language or Mathematics, will be required to re-sit these courses in Year 12. Re-sit classes for Mathematics and English are timetabled and attendance is compulsory.

All Year 12 students are required to be in school for all non-contact periods Monday to Friday – this is timetabled as Private Study and is a supervised formal timetable requirement.

The number of courses a student takes will be discussed at the information and guidance meeting and reviewed at enrolment. Most students will be encouraged to take 3 subjects unless they have an average point sore of 48 or more.

Students with success in vocational subjects will be encouraged to pick vocational courses whilst those with a lower average point score will also be encouraged to include vocational learning as part of their option choices.

4. Allocation of Places

When there are more external applicants than the admissions number that satisfy any minimum course requirements, and once any pupils with a statement of special educational needs and EHCP which names the Academy/School and which the Academy/School has agreed have been admitted, the oversubscription criteria outlined below will be applied In the case of being oversubscribed, places will be offered in the following order of priority:

1. Priority will be given to ‘Looked after Children and children who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order.

2. Priority will be given to applicants whose permanent home address is nearest to the junction of Lime Tree Avenue and Templar Avenue when measured using a straight line measurement from the centre of the home address to a point at the junction of Lime Tree Avenue and Templar Avenue, with priority given to the shortest distance.

5. Closing Dates and Late Applications

External applications received by the closing date will be considered before all subsequent external applications. Late applications from external candidates will only be considered if places become available in all subjects requested at the time of receiving the application. We will not consider external applications after the school autumn census date has passed, Monday  1st October 2018.

6. Waiting Lists

If we are unable to offer applicants a place the application will be placed on a waiting list until the end of the Autumn term. A student’s position on the list will be determined solely in accordance with the oversubscription criteria.

7. Appeals Process

There will be a right of appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel for internal pupils refused transfer and external applicants refused admission.  Applicants wishing to appeal should do so to the Clerk to the Governors at any of the 2 home schools.

8. Out of Year

Parents may seek a place for their child outside of their normal age group. The application will be considered alongside all other applications in accordance with the Coventry co-ordinated admissions scheme. Where the application is refused the parent has a right to an appeal against the refusal of a place, unless the child has been offered a place in another year group in the school.