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Sixth Form

About our Sixth Form academy


We are very proud of the extensive PSHE program offered across Year 12 and 13.  All activities are tailored to meet the unique needs of each particular year group, with a themed day built around an aspect of Personal, Social and Health Education. To ensure these events are beneficial and worthwhile we have fostered strong partnerships with a variety of local organisations, to ensure we deliver both interesting and useful learning experiences.

Examples of topics we have focused upon include our Driving Personal Safety day, Stem Cell donation Awareness, Drugs and Alcohol Awareness, UCAS and Apprenticeship preparation day and a political conference which tested the students debating & presentation skills.

Year 12 Political Conference Day
Year 12 Stem Cell Donation Awareness Talk
Year 12 Drink Driving Awareness
Year 12 Drug Awareness session
Year 13 First Aid
Year 13 student budgeting, money matters session
Year 13 Person Safety
Year 13 Cooking on a budget session