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A lifetime of HAIR

29 November 2018

Hi my name is Poppy and I am a Year 8 student at WCA. I got some amazing news today, earlier this year I was diagnosed as autistic and this has meant I have really struggled with school, and since secondary school things have been very difficult but as I said today I have some amazing news! I am starting at a new school which understands everything I need and is a huge answer to my prayers.

Since I’ve been very little I have grown my hair incredibly long as I could never cope with change but with this new change coming up I have decided to get my hair cut and not only do what I would like but help someone else.

I’m going to donate my hair to the Little Princess Trust but I'd also like to help people understand what it means to have autism.

So I’m hoping to raise money for 2 different charities!

The first charity is The Little Princess Trust as I’ve said, as it costs up to £350-£500 to make a wig after I’ve donated my hair and I’d like to raise a similar amount for the National Autistic Society - so if you would like to sponsor me to raise £1000 in total than not only I would be EXTREMELY happy but you would be benefiting someone else too!

If you would like to help, you can look at my JustGiving page below:

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