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Life at School

About life here at West Coventry Academy


Students learn about the safe and positive use of new technologies and social media in a range of ways: as part of their ICT lessons, during themed weeks (e.g. "Safer Internet Day"), on PSHE Days and in assemblies. We send out termly e-safety newsletters to parents and regularly share relevant links through our social media channels. Please take a moment to look through some of the websites and resources below and get in touch if you would like further training or information on specific topics.

E-Safety Newsletter (December 2020):

Click here - Download (187kb) - to access our latest E-safety newsletter for parents. This half-term: see our updated collection of useful links for parents and carers.

Tik Tok Advice (December 2020): 

E-safety links for parents/carers and students

12 Tips of Christmas (December 2020):

You can download the E-safety Newsletter by clicking here. Technology is now one of the most popular Christmas presents for our students with tablets, smartphones, game consoles and smartwatches likely to be asked for. We have therefore put together a collection of useful links and tools for parents, not just for Christmas:

  1. Set up parental controls, app or software on new devices: -parental-control-software control-apps,review-2258.html
  2. Set up home internet filtering: controls/interactive-guide/ parents-and-carers/parental-controls-offered- your-home-internet-provider
  3. Know the age ratings for games and apps:
    - for Games:
    - for Apps: check Itunes or Google Play
  4. Agree and manage screen time (e.g. set a ‘digital sunset’): /set-a-digital-sunset-for-_b_8444132.html
  5. Talk about selfies: /selfies-and-self-esteem-what-are-the-key-issues -that-parents-should-be-aware-of/
  6. Go through your child’s privacy settings with them: /privacy-and-internet-safety/what-are-the-best-privacy-settings-for-my-computer-and-smartphone advice-centre/social-media-guides
  7. Check if any of the mobile apps they use have location services enabled, (e.g. Ghost Mode in Snapchat):
    - Android: /answer/6179507?hl=en
    - Apple:
  8. Show them how to report offensive comments or block people: messages-and-posts-social-media
  9. Check ‘tagging’ settings so that your child’s identity is not revealed:
    - Facebook: /community/question/?id=700455260039556
    - Instagram: /how-to/instagram-101-keep-people-from- tagging-you-posts-0178276/
  10. Encourage your child to talk to you if they see anything that upsets them: guide-encourage-kids-share-digital-lives/
  11. Find out about how to keep your child safe on livestreaming ( live-ly-app-parents-need-know/
    - articles/live-streaming-responding-to-the-risks/
  12. Don’t share your child’s identity and location with people you don’t know: /Sharing-pictures-of-your-children/