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Life at School

About life here at West Coventry Academy

Pastoral System

We take great pride in our effective pastoral system which has been highlighted by OFSTED as one of our strengths. Students meet in their tutor groups every day for 30 minutes. Each year group is led by their Progress Leader, a teaching member of staff who monitors both academic progress and pastoral welfare. Each Progress Leader is assisted by a Pastoral Leader, a non-teaching member of staff who in most cases will be the first point of contact for parents if they need to get in touch with the school during the day.

Tutors, Progress and Pastoral Leaders stay with their year group from Year 7 up to Year 11.

Pastoral Leaders:

Mrs Powner                          Year 7                        02476 426209

Mrs Greenway                     Year 8                        02476 426230

Mrs Lane                               Year 9                        02476 426257

Mrs Knowles                         Year 10                      02476 426248

Miss Hall                                Year 11                      02476 426219

Progress Leaders:

Mrs Hussain                         Year 7                        02476 426287

Miss Kimberlin                     Year 8                        02476 426229

Mrs Hesketh                         Year 9                        02476 426238

Mr Guest                               Year 10                      02476 426242

Mrs Palmer                           Year 11                      02476 426259