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About learning at West Coventry Academy

Monitoring Progress

We recognise that monitoring the progress of your child is crucial to ensuring that each individual reaches their potential.  We have a Progress Leader attached to each Year group (at Post 16 level they are called Learning Managers) and it is their responsibility to track progress as well as instigate and monitor intervention at a tutor, subject and leadership level for their individual year group.  Parents are kept informed of and involved in intervention as appropriate.

As well as the annual Meet the Tutor and year group specific parents evening, we regularly report home to parents to keep them informed.  Reports communicate predicted grade against forecast grade, as well as attitude to learning. 

At Key Stage Three predicted and forecast grades take the form of Flight Paths 1-3 (1 equating to GCSE grade 1-3, 2 equating to GCSE grade 4-6 and 3 equating to 7-9). At Key Stage Four these take the form of GCSE grades 1-9 and at A level these reflect AS and A level grades A-E.

Attitude to learning grades are reported for Organisation, Learning Behaviour and Homework.