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About learning at West Coventry Academy



Students study German three times a week in years 7 and 8 and twice a week in year 9. Our aim is to support our students in gaining a greater knowledge and understanding of the culture and customs of the German-speaking world as well as to equip them with the language skills to enable them to communicate effectively.


Qualification: GCSE          Exam Board: AQA

Is German for you?

Do you want to stand out from the crowd! There is a huge language skills shortage in the UK!

Explore German music, film, culture and traditions!

Get creative in expressing your own ideas!

Study German and become a better

  • team-player
  • problem-solver
  • communicator
  • independent worker

Learn to communicate with people from the German speaking world!

What Will You Do?

The three themes you will be studying are:

  1. Identity and Culture: Me, my family and friends, technology in everyday life, free time activities and customs and festivals in Germany.
  2. Local, national, international and global areas of interest: home, town, neighbourhood and region, social issues, global issues and travel and tourism.
  3. Current and future study and employment: My studies, life at school, education post 16, jobs, career choices and ambitions.

Assessment Details:


Paper 1: Listening
Final Exam (25%)
Either Foundation (35 mins)
OR Higher (45 mins)

Paper 2: Speaking
Final Exam (25%)
Either Foundation (7-9 mins)
OR Higher (10-12 mins)

Paper 3: Reading
Final Exam (25%)
Either Foundation (45 mins)
OR Higher (60 mins)

Paper 4: Writing
Final Exam (25%)
Either Foundation (60 mins)
OR Higher (75 mins)

Possible Career Options:

Language skills allow you to do an amazing variety of interesting jobs, not only in the UK but around the world!

 Careers in Fashion, Leisure, Hospitality, Government, Finance, Law, Business, Manufacturing, Public services, Music industry and multinational organisations such as BMW, Milka, T-Mobile and Adidas.

Further Education:


A-levels / College