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Joining the School

About joining West Coventry Academy

What Parents Think

“My son has just joined you in year 7 and can’t wait to show year 6s and their parents around on Saturday. I am so pleased with how quickly he has fitted in and how well he has come on already academically and socially.“

“Your transition package is excellent.“

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all of the support that you have given me and …. this year. Thank you for your patience and tolerance."

"…. has had a fantastic first year, and I am grateful to you for all of the work that you do pastorally which puts Mums like me minds at rest! we totally made the right choice!"

"I also wanted to thank you for everything you have done for ….. and all the year 7's. I can see why you stay with year 7's as you do such a fantastic job." 

"I just want to say a massive thank you for your understanding and help with my daughter in year 7"

"I just wanted to say thank you to whoever selected ….. to be a student leader - she is thrilled and so are we! One of the main reasons we put WCA as our first choice was that we loved the way you seemed to nurture leadership skills in young people and I can honestly say we haven't been disappointed. ….. clearly has natural leadership skills and will absolutely thrive now that she's been given this opportunity. Since starting at WCA she has been excited about coming to school each day which has certainly made mornings easier! Thank you and the team for all you do. We are so pleased we picked WCA."

"Just wanted to say thank you to you & the rest of the teachers who recognised … with an award today. He was pleased and we were really pleased. After a shaky start I'm pleased with how he's settled - thanks to all of the teachers/staff for their commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism and especially for caring. Can you pass my thanks onto Donna Knowles & the rest of the Yr 7 staff as she and the other teachers have gone a great job with … too - very pleased as to how well he's settled."

"My husband and I are delighted with …'s report which arrived yesterday and would like to express our thanks for the support that … has had in transition to West Coventry Academy. We appreciate the hard work and dedication from all of her teachers."

"Thank you for the opportunity to speak with ….'s teachers on Tuesday; we are delighted with their feedback on ….'s positive attitude to learning, good manners and effort and we thank them for their support in developing her self confidence. She has enjoyed the first half year and with ski trip coming up there is much more to look forward to!"

"…'s parents evening was very positive from his teachers. Myself and my husband were very impressed with his teachers, their knowledge of … and how they are assisting … as well in his classes. This is really appreciated"

"We and our children shared a wonderful academic time in your school.  We very clearly noticed rapid progress in their academic performance and they were encouraged to participate in many non-academic activities during their short stay in your school. We would like to express our sincere gratitude and whole hearted thanks to your good self and the rest of the academic and non-academic staff, who made our children’s schooling in England a success.  We wish you and the school all success in time to come."

Just to pass on our thanks for another fab term for …..; she has enjoyed the range of challenges across all subjects but particular favourites were the high rise challenge model building in Geography and pop-up cards in D&T.

The excitement does not end there; we are packed and ready to go off to Austria tomorrow!