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Life at School

About life here at West Coventry Academy

College System


    We have a new college competition, please see below flyer for details. This is also on ClassCharts.

    We recently held a WCA College Competition that focussed on learning a skill over the last month or so. We have been really impressed by the variety of the contributions. Some of which included baking, obstacle courses, artistic, cooking, cycling amongst others. We have totalled up the number of entrants from staff and students across the 4 colleges and here is the updated College Leader board.

    There has been a little bit of movement between colleges with Godiva leapfrogging Leofric into 3rd place and closing the gap on 2nd place. Then at the top Warwick have overtaken Mercia in what, we’re sure, Mr Gerrard will see as a huge miscarriage of justice!

    Well done to all that took part. Keep your eyes open for our next College Competition!

    Best Wishes,

    Mr Shellis – Warwick
    Mr Gerrard – Mercia
    Mr Goodier – Godiva
    Mrs Porter – Leofric