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Life at School

About life here at West Coventry Academy

College System

Ice Cream Sale (the results)

The ice -cream sale last week raised a magnificent £102.91 for charity.  Many thanks to all the student leaders who helped, and the staff (including Signor Whippy aka Mr Lowe). The student leaders have voted for the money raised to go to Cancer Research UK.

Once again thanks to all staff and students, especially within Food Tech for all their help.

College Leaders

Year 7 and 8 College Rounders and Cricket Tournament

Over the course of the last few Fridays students in year 8 have taken part in a series of competitive games of Cricket and Rounders.

It was great to have so many students taking part and getting into the competitive spirit!

Year 7 Rounders and Cricket was a great success with some really competitive games! The overall results after each game were as follows:

Year 7 Cricket
College Position Points Total
Mercia 1st 50
Leofric 2nd 30
Godiva 2nd 30
Warwick 4th 20


Year 7 Rounders
College Position Points Total
Leofric 1st 50
Warwick 2nd 30
Mercia 3rd 20
Godiva 4th 10


Unfortunately, due to poor weather conditions, Year 8 were unable to have the planned Cricket and Rounders, but students were keen to get involved in an End Ball tournament  in the sports hall. 

Again, this was a highly competitive event with studnets showing excellent team work and leadership skills. The results for the End Ball competition are:

Year 8 Boys
College Position Points Total
Godiva 1st 50
Mercia 2nd 30
Leofric 3rd 20
Warwick 3rd 20


Year 8 Girls
College Position Points Total
Warwick 1st 50
Mercia 2nd 30
Godiva 3rd 20
Leofric 4th 10


Well done to all students that took part and represented their College!

We are really looking forward to our next tournament as our Year 9s get involved in the upcoming Table Tennis and Short Tennis competitions!

Year 7 College Day

On Friday 4th September Year 7 were inducted into the WCA College system, taking part in a number of activities throughout the day. Students were able to get to know their fellow tutees and College peers whilst completing team building games, including a Treasure Hunt and Carnival Games.

The activities concluded with a Mini Olympics, where students were able to support their Colleges in several track events. 

It was fantastic to see the enthusiasm across the year group as students got to know one another and began to build relationships as a College. Of course there was a competitive element to the day, with points being awarded for each activity.

The overall winning College was Merica!

Congratulations to all Year 7 students who took part!